Benefits of the Best Women’s Putters


The sport and passion of golf attract enthusiasts of every type to pit their skills and accuracy in long- and short-range challenges. To ensure that all golfers are given equal challenges, the golf clubs can be chosen to match the specifications the golfer requires. This means some putters will be shorter or longer, some may be heavier and others lighter.

With this in mind, we are going to review the various advantages of using a heavier putter head favored by women golfers. But first, let’s take a closer look at the why’s behind using the best women’s putters.

There is a tendency to exert too much motion to the wrist when putting, this is where a heavier putter can improve precise energy transfer inputting.


A master putter will keep their wrists supple and passive when they strike the ball. The putter moves in a pendulum-like motion with the center of motion in the golfer’s shoulders. It is the natural swinging of the shoulders that applies motion; the arms, wrists and hands must do nothing more than align themselves to this motion, without adding or taking from the energy thereof.

Because the motion is aligned from the shoulders, the wrist shouldn’t pivot at any point.

Mastering this simple — yet, challenging— motion can allow you to accurately control the distance your golf ball will travel. However, there is a tendency to add a flick of the wrist that can throw chaotic energy into the swing and can send the ball far off its planned path. One way we can improve the pendulum’s motion is by adding some extra weight on the putter.


Focused Muscle Strength — Those with larger and thicker muscles enjoy greater stability in their putting motion and this eliminates movement in the wrists. Using a heavier putter can greatly improve the movement and cadence of your swing when putting.

This makes it far easier for those with lighter slender shoulders to get a feel for the motion and allow the putt to take its natural course as the motion follows the shoulders through the arms and wrists down to the putter’s head. This happens because it focuses the strength of your muscles in a single direction.

Increased momentum — another way the added weight allows for an improved swing when putting is by increasing the momentum. This means that greater directed kinetic energy is transferred to the ball and this allows it to travel further without having to exert more force from the shoulders, which causes the “yips”.


The yips are the golfer’s term for jerky motions toward the ball that completely throw the smooth precision of your shot off. Adding a heavier putting head can help to reduce the tendency for the yips, by improving the force of the motion from the putter.

Because the motion of a pendulum tends toward a straight line, a heavier putter head can help to line up a better shot thus improving the accuracy of the swing considerably. Those that feel their shot is wobbly or shaky will enjoy a great improvement setting their path to the hole. More at