Recommended Health Resources

Since beginning my journey to a more natural, toxin-free life, I often get asked where I get all of the ingredients I use in my recipes, or where to get some of the products I mention in my articles. While I do link most of the items I use in each separate article, I thought it might be more helpful to create a page dedicated to all the health resources and companies I recommend, and ones that I personally use myself.

Note: Many of the links you find here are affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase any of the products mentioned here through my links, I do get a small commission to help keep The Natural Penguin up and running (whew, it's a lot of work too!). Don't worry, the cost for these products stays the same, and you'll never be charged more. These are products that I personally support and use myself at home, and if you do choose to purchase any products through my links, I would like to sincerely thank you! You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.


My Most Recommended Products

Essential OilsEssential Oils

I buy all my essential oils from Majestic Pure on Amazon. They have a huge selection of oils that are high quality, and much cheaper than most other brands.

Coconut OilCoconut Oil

I get quality coconut oil from the Nutiva brand on Amazon. Best quality organic cold-pressed coconut oil and great flavor I have found. 

Bottles & ContainersBottles & Containers

I get my bottles and containers for all my health mixtures from Amazon. I love their variety, high quality, and inexpensive prices.

Vitamins & SuperfoodsVitamins & Superfoods

I get most of my superfoods and vitamins like fermented cod liver oil, spirulina, and probiotics from Nordic Naturals.

Beauty ButtersBeauty Ingredients

I use a lot of natural butters, oils, clays, and salts for my beauty & personal care products, and I buy mine from Better Shea Butter.

Magnesium OilMagnesium Oil & Lotion

I get all my magnesium oil, lotion, and flakes from Ancient Minerals.