I wrote an article about how to make all natural laundry detergent and then I thought, why not make an all natural dishwasher detergent as well! Since going all natural, I’ve been on this wild kick to get rid of anything in my house that had harmful chemicals in it and some of the easiest products to make are household cleaners.


Borax is a debated ingredient in many all natural products, and although the jury is still out on whether it’s safe to use or not, this recipe for dishwasher detergent does not include the ingredient. I will say that I personally believe Borax to be safe in small, diluted quantities, but I also choose not to include it in my homemade natural products. I wrote an article about the safety of Borax if you would like to learn more and decide whether it’s an ingredient you feel is fine for your family.

All Natural Dishwasher Detergent Recipe

This recipe really couldn’t be any easier to make, and if you’ve already started making other natural household products, you probably have most of these ingredients in your cabinets.

Note: Because this recipe has a tendency to clump together, making a quick desiccant (a moisture absorbing pouch) to help keep the ingredients from clumping together. I’ll include that in the recipe.

Natural Dishwasher Detergent Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 cups of Citric Acid – (this ingredient is a must for clean and shiny dishes)
  • 1 1/2 cups Washing Soda
  • 1/2 cups Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup salt – (sea salt works best, if you have it)

Natural Dishwasher Detergent Instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients in an air tight container. I use a wide mouth Mason jar, or one of those glass flip-top lid jars.
  2. Use 1 tablespoon per load of dishes.
  3. You can also use white vinegar as the rinsing agent, although I don’t find it absolutely necessary.

Desiccant Ingredients

  • Bentonite Clay – (this ingredient can be used for multiple all natural personal care products)
  • Small piece of cheesecloth, fabric pouch, or the end of a nylon stocking

Desiccant Instructions

  1. Put 2 tablespoons of clay into material of choice and tie off to make a pouch.
  2. Keep pouch of clay inside the air tight jar of detergent to absorb moisture. Change out as needed.

Things To Note

You may find that the all natural detergent doesn’t seem to be working for you, and this can simply be caused by how hard/soft your water is, or what temperature the water is at. Sometimes all natural doesn’t work for everyone, but there are a few alternatives for you to try if you still want to stay away from the conventional chemical laden products.

Here are a few good alternatives:

Do you use an all natural dishwasher detergent? What is your favorite?

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