Founder | The Natural PenguinHi, I’m Krystine, the founder and author of “The Natural Penguin”, and I started this website as a quest to find a natural cure for my lifelong battle with seborrheic dermatitis. As a sufferer of this condition, I tried every conventional medicine, topical treatment, medicated shampoo, prescription serum, and steroid cream I could get my hands on, but nothing seemed to work.

I began to wonder if the reason why these conventional methods weren’t working were because they were filled with chemicals and toxins that could actually be doing more harm than good. That’s when I started my journey to finding more natural alternatives to conventional products, ridding myself of chemicals and toxins, and hopefully finding a solution to heal my seborrheic dermatitis.

Not only did my change in diet and the use of natural products start helping my seborrheic dermatitis, but it began healing other ailments of my health I never realized were a problem. Suddenly I wasn’t tired throughout the day, I was sleeping more soundly through the night, my energy levels were booming, and I wasn’t getting sick with the cold or flu as often.

Could this really be the result of living a more natural life? I couldn’t ignore the fact that significant changes were happening in my body, and that my health seemed better than ever, so I began researching and documenting different types of natural solutions to common health problems and voila, “The Natural Penguin” was born!

The Natural Penguin’s Mission

The Natural Penguin is dedicated to finding natural alternatives to conventional products with the hope that everyone can benefit from living a more natural, healthy life. I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself from disease, illness, and ailments if given the proper tools to do so, and going natural can be the perfect starting point for your health.


I am a dedicated Naturopathic Medicine Researcher looking to live a more natural and healthy life, and hopefully share my findings with others who may benefit from the same.

However, I’m not a health guru by any means, and definitely NOT a doctor, so I would advise speaking with your doctor before beginning any type of natural treatment, as these natural methods are not meant to be miracle cures for any disease, ailment, or illness you may have.

I hope you find inspiration from this site to start taking control of your life, ridding yourself of unnecessary chemicals and toxins found in our everyday environment, and find your own path to a healthy, natural lifestyle!

Best wishes,

P.S. Penguins are my favorite animal! 🙂

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